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Welcome to the Domestic Violence Awareness Community Edit

At Wikia, the campaign to end Domestic Violence is a very personal company crusade. In a little over a year, the Wikia community has lost two of its own beloved employees – one a current employee and one former staffer - to Domestic Violence in its most deadly form. The shock, horror, pain and anguish that we feel for the victims - our friends, their families and the grief that we feel in our hearts should not be tolerated to persist nor continue in our society.

As crushing as this experience has been to us all, we are committed to doing what we can in order to stop others from falling victim to Domestic Violence, both within our own community and in the world at large.

On Wikia today, we have created a community-based, collaborative resource site for all aspects of Domestic Violence. Please join us in this effort whether you are a victim, a perpetrator, a friend or family member or are just concerned and want to take action.

NFL Players Say NO MORE -6001:01

NFL Players Say NO MORE -60

It Ends Where it Begins - Anti-Domestic Violence PSA02:38

It Ends Where it Begins - Anti-Domestic Violence PSA

Keira Knightley Domestic Violence PSA02:01

Keira Knightley Domestic Violence PSA

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